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Sudio B1, White

Bone Conduction Headphones
100% of 100
1 Reviews
The solution to when you are at a crossroads with sound – open ear bone conduction headphones.
  • Open-Ear Headphones
  • Bone Conduction Technology
  • Magnetic Charging
  • Dual Microphones (4 total)
  • Water Resistance IPX4

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Sudio B1, White

Sudio B1, White

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Multitasking Made Easy

Do everything you set out to do. The Sudio B1 bone conduction headphones are designed to help you multitask between playing your own soundtrack while still being aware of your environment. From the gym, to cycling, or running into your next meeting, keep your hands and ears free. All the while looking great while doing so.

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How Does It Work?

The bone conduction technology used in the Sudio B1 transmits sound vibrations through the temples of the head rather than the traditional method, by way of eardrums. By design, this allows your ears to stay open to environmental sound.

If Life Were a Sport

The Sudio B1 stays with you on the go. Easy magnetic charging and a battery life of over 6 hours, these open-ear bone conduction headphones also have a splashproof rating of IPX4 making them rain and sweat proof.

Comfort Fit

Designed to be lightweight and fit snugly around your head by your temples, the minimalist tonal palette of the Sudio B1 carries you effortlessly from meetings to running errands around town.

Clear Sound, Rich Base

Expect superb sound quality with a surprisingly strong base. Wearing the Sudio B1 feels like you’re carrying a hands free sound system with you wherever you go.

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100% of 100
1 Reviews
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studio B1

Daniel Ramirez


I have used several brands and they are the most comfortable and have the best sound fidelity. Super spectacular and I will recommend them to all my acquaintances. A thousand congratulations for such a magnificent help to enjoy every day

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