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Sudio E3 Case

Water Repelling Case
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Ensure your sound stays with you for the long haul. Premium water-repelling material protects your Sudio E3 while the tastefully distinct cloud cream colour makes it a versatile and practical accessory.

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Sudio E3 Case

Sudio E3 Case

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Design with a Practical Ring

Keep great sound within close reach. The functional keyring of the Sudio E3 Case lets you secure this functional case to your bag, chain or belt loop.

Longevity is Key

Premium water-repelling material makes the Sudio E3 case splash proof so that your earbuds get extra protection from the elements.

Understated Modernism

With its clean Scandinavian silhouette, cloud cream case, and oversized keyring, this case keeps your Sudio E3 safe while complimenting any look.

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0 Reviews
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Christy Tenorio

Does the E2 case fit the T2 buds?


Hi there! Yes, the E2 case will fit your T2 earbuds/case.

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Funkar skalet också till Sudio Tolv?


Hi! The Tolv case is a bit bigger in size so it will not fit in the E2 case unfortunately.

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Hi! Is this vegan? Are there any products in the brand that are not vegan and cruelty free? Thank you!


Hi Bia! The E2 case is vegan and all out products are cruelty free. The only products that are not vegan are the models Fem, Tolv and Nivå, due to the leather strap attached on the charging case, but all three of these models are now discontinued. Sincerely, Alex - Sudio Customer Support

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Water repellent case but it is open on all sides. So rain could enter. What is the point of having water repellent material?


Hi Cristina! The point of having a water repellent material on the earbuds case is to provide some level of protection against accidental water exposure or moisture. While the case being open on all sides means that rainwater could potentially enter, the water repellent material can still prevent water from penetrating the surface of the case and reaching the earbuds inside, at least to a certain extent. Sincerely, Alex - Sudio Customer Support

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