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How do I change or cancel my order?

Contact [email protected] within 30 minutes after you have placed your order. Be sure to include your order confirmation number in the correspondence.

When will my product be delivered?

You will receive an order confirmation once the order is processed. Your order confirmation is also your receipt. Orders made before 8 a.m. (UTC+01:00) will be shipped the same day. Orders placed after 8 a.m. will be shipped the following business day. Your product will be delivered according to the following delivery table: CLICK HERE.
Please note: during high volume periods, delivery times may vary.

How do I use my coupon code?

Coupon codes can be used at the Checkout page where you enter your delivery details. Proceed with your order as normal and apply your code during checkout.

Who pays for customs and VAT?

When you order from a country within the EU you pay the price including Swedish VAT and no other fees are added. However, when you order from a country outside of the EU, you will be responsible for the local VAT and customs. Contact your local customs office for more information.

In which currency will I be charged?

We will always charge you in the currency that is displayed on the website. Be sure to select the country you are located in in the dropdown menu on the homepage to ensure the correct currency.

What is your return policy?

We apply a 14 day return policy when you purchase through Proof of purchase must be submitted and the product packaging fully intact for a return.

Due to hygiene and sanitary reasons, in-ear models can't be returned once the package seal is broken.

The buyer is responsible for shipping costs related to a return to Sudio AB in Sweden.

How long is the warranty valid?

The original Sudio product you have purchased is covered by a warranty of 12 months. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase of brand new, unused products by the first end user. Your earphones are protected against all manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of purchase. The 12 month warranty does not cover defects or damages due to: mistreatment, misuse, theft, loss, water or fire.

If your product is within the 12 month warranty period and is determined as defective by our Service Center due to improper materials and/or production fault, Sudio AB will not charge you for labor, parts, or repair. Full replacement for defective products is at the discretion of Sudio AB. If your product is determined defective due to inflicted damage caused by reasons other than manufacturing default, we can replace your product at an additional service charge.

Please retain your sales receipt or order confirmation as proof of purchase. Proof of purchase must state the date of purchase and name of the product. Upon expiration of the 12 month warranty period, we can no longer provide any repairs/replacements.

I am a social media influencer - can I collaborate with you?

If you are interested in a collaboration with us, please email [email protected] Please include your first and last name and links to your social pages. If we are interested in working with your profile, we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

How do I connect to my Vasa Blå?

Please view tutorial below: PAIRING VIDEO

1. Go into your Bluetooth function through your device's Settings. Turn Bluetooth on. If Bluetooth is already on, be sure to “refresh” by turning the Bluetooth off and then back on again.

2. Hold the middle button of the earphones for 5-8 seconds. The first blue flash means that your earphones are now turned on. DO NOT LET GO and KEEP PRESSING the button. You will then see the red flash - this means the earphones are now ready to pair with your device.

3. In your Bluetooth settings, you will see "Sudio Vasa Blå" listed - click connect.

4. Once connected, the earphones will flash blue every 8 seconds or so.

5. You can now use your earphones!

6. To turn off your earphones, hold the middle button for 7 seconds or so. It will flash blue, this means the earphones are now turned off.

How do I turn on/off my Vasa Blå?

Press and hold the middle button on the remote for 3 seconds (blue light will blink when turning on).

How do I see how much battery that is left on my Vasa Blå?

Battery life status will be indicated on your smartphone for iOS. For Android, please download a Bluetooth battery app on the Google Play Store. A flashing red light indicates that your battery is low.

How do I charge my Vasa Blå?

To charge, connect your earphones to the micro USB charger. A solid red light indicates they are charging. A blue light indicates that they are fully charged and now ready for use. The earphones will turn off automatically after 10 minutes if it is not paired.

How do I change songs on my Vasa Blå?

Click and hold the button labeled (+) on the remote for 2 seconds to go to the next song. Click and hold the button labeled (-) on the remote for 2 seconds to go to the last song.

How do I connect to my NIVÅ?

Normal start (See our video tutorial here)
1. Press the buttons on the earphones until you hear "Power, on" and the lights flash blue. This may be done by pressing Right and Left simultaneously, or first Right and then Left. The Left earphone should never be turned on first.
2. Once they are both on, Right and Left will automatically find each other and pair.
3. Click "Sudio Niva" in your Bluetooth Devices to connect the earphones to your phone.

If the earphones fall out of sync, to pair again, you'll first have to bring them to the factory reset. Here's how: (See our video tutorial here)
1. "Forget" the earphones in your Bluetooth Devices. Nivå should no longer be synced to your device.
2. Turn both earphones off by pressing the buttons until you hear "Power, off."
3. Turn on the Right earphone ONLY by holding the button until you hear "Power, on."
4. Release the button immediately after you have heard "Power, on," and then press it again 3 times quickly. The light should now glow a steady bright blue.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, this time with the Left earphone.
You've successfully brought the earphones to the factory reset. Now let's get them paired up:
6. Turn off both earphones again by pressing the buttons until you hear "Power, off."
7. Starting with the Right earphone, hold down the button until you hear "Power, on" and KEEP HOLDING until you hear "Pairing," or the light is blinking red.
8. Repeat with the Left earphone. The earphones will automatically sync to one another after bringing both to “Pairing” mode. You’ll know they’ve synced successfully when the red blinking lights turn blue. The Left will now follow the Right.
9. Turn the earphones off once more and then follow the normal start method to connect to your device.


There are two possible explanations for this:
1. Nivå is designed to only emit sound from the Right earbud whenever you're making phone calls (or using your favorite calling app, like Skype or WhatsApp). When your call has ended, the Left earbud will start working again automatically.
2. If only one earbud is working while you listen to music, that probably means your earphones have fallen out of sync. Don’t worry! We’ve written a handy little guide for you to get them back on track - just click on “How Do I Connect To My Nivå?” in our FAQ.