Our story

We focus on solutions through new technology, remarkable performance and design that inspires and pushes limits. By continuously exceeding our boundaries and the industries expectations, we propel ourselves forward, offering you thoughtfully designed audio products which deliver captivating and immersive sound experiences.

Carbon neutral organisation

In 2019, Sudio set the goal of becoming a carbon neutral organization. We are working with a third party organization, Carbon Footprint Ltd, to ensure that we are a 100% carbon neutral organization. Sudio has additionally chosen to offset our calculated carbon dioxide output by donating to Escarpment Environment Conservation Network (Esconet) which is an organization that focuses on the restoration of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. With our donation, Esconet will plant indigenous trees to restore local forests, with the goal of preserving natural ecosystems and removing carbon emissions from the atmosphere. This restoration also helps local communities that depend on the forest for their livelihood. In addition, Sudio has chosen to offset its carbon emissions by working with the Brazil Reducing Deforestation Project (REDD) to help protect an area of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil from illegal logging. This is a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) offset project, which is an internationally recognized standard with a set of 10 basic criteria points that verify the transparency and accuracy of a project’s carbon impact. Ultimately, Sudio aims to further the integration of sustainable practices into our future decisions as a company.