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Our story is rooted in iconic Swedish music which continues to move music lovers around the world. It’s inspired by clean, elegant Swedish design to spark that moment where you get lost in the music and time stands still. We chose Sudio because it combines “Swedish” and “Audio” into a seamless name which reflects both our design vision and our promise to offer exceptional sound quality to music enthusiasts of every stripe - wayfarers, daydreamers, and storytellers alike. Whether you’re relaxing at home or conquering the world, if getting lost in the music is all that matters, Sudio is for you.

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

As a country, Sweden consistently leads the world in environmental sustainability. So, as a Swedish company, we strive to take continuous improvement in corporate social responsibility issues. We can proudly say that our “Regent” model is vegan and that we use PU, artificial leather for several of our other products. We also ship our products from our factories to each respective warehouses by boat to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used during transportation. In these ways, we aim to reduce the amount of waste used in production. However, we are always looking for more ways to improve our environmental impact as we continue to develop as a company.