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Aurora Live

On 26 March, 2021, 18:00 (CET), Sudio Presents: Aurora Live will feature Sandro Cavazza performing at the legendary Dalhalla open-air theatre, which will be broadcast live, exclusively on

Sudio lives at the intersection of music and technology. We will be bringing you the full concert event for free, blending these two concepts, into one immersive musical experience for the global community.

In Sweden, even in our darkest times, we can find the aurora borealis shimmering its glorious light. It shines a beacon of hope in a burning diversity of colour. It’s a dazzling cosmic reminder that we are part of something much greater than ourselves. When you look up and bear witness to its beauty, you feel connected; not just as a nation - or even as people - you feel it on a fundamental level. One that words cannot adequately describe. You feel present. Immersed. As one. Alive.

Aurora Live is our way of igniting those same feelings, but instead of using the warmth of the northern lights, we are using humanity’s universal language: Music.

Sandro Cavazza

Sandro Cavazza wearing Sudio Nio Aurora
Sandro Cavazza in Dalhalla
Sandro Cavazza photo shooting wearing Sudio Nio Aurora
Sandro Cavazza video shooting wearing Sudio Nio Aurora

Sandro Cavazza

Swedish singer-songwriter Sandro Cavazza brings together the perfect sound and ambience for Sudio’s first ever Aurora Live event. He may be recognized from his self-titled 2017 album, his newly released EP Weird & Talkative including his current No. 1 single “Lean On Me”, or from his collaborations with notable artists like Kygo and the late Avicii. With feature hits like “Without You”, Sandro Cavazza has made his way to the music scene with great admiration from listeners all around the world. Sudio Presents: Aurora Live wants to deliver an immersive sound experience for the whole global community to enjoy, allowing artists like Sandro Cavazza to shape life through sound.


DALHALLA PHOTOGRAPHERS: Magnus Åker and Daniel Eriksson


From deep within an abandoned limestone quarry, 7 km north of Lake Siljan near Rättvik in Dalarna, Dalhalla is Sweden's finest open-air amphitheatre, boasting unparalleled acoustics. Home to opera, to EDM, and everything in between, Dalhalla has hosted performances from acts like Pink Floyd, Sting, James Morrison, and Norah Jones. The acoustics created by the rock walls make Dalhalla a completely unique auditory experience, creating one of the top open-air venues in the world in terms of sound quality.

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Sudio Nio Aurora teaser Sudio Nio Aurora

Sudio Nio Aurora

Nio Aurora is an exclusive product launch for Sudio Presents: Aurora Live. The emerald colour is just one of the many hues visible in the night's sky above Sweden as the aurora borealis illuminates the darkness. Nio can show you the way.