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Sudio T2 Sand


Active noise cancellation
Comfort fit
Beamforming microphone
Dynamic driver

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"An immersive audio experience in a stylish package"


"All-day comfort and superb audiovisual experience"

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Sudio T2 Sand

Sudio T2 Sand

Designed for more life

Sudio T2 is designed for more life. Active noise cancellation means a deeper listen without interruption. Beamforming microphones control environmental noise for clearer calls, while the dynamic driver delivers crisp, uncompromising sound.


Sudio T2 is sweat and splash proof for the active and on-the-go listener with up to 35 hours of battery life using the charging case, and 7.5 hours of listening time on one charge. Forgot to plug in? Energize with up to 2 hours of listening time in a single 10 minute quick charge.

And with our new, rigorously tested design, Sudio T2 gives you next-level comfort and fit, for any ear.

  • Noise cancelling

    Noise cancelling

  • Clear dynamic sound

    Clear dynamic sound

  • All day comfort

    All day comfort

  • Splash proof

    Splash proof

Cutting through the noise

Sudio T2 creates a deeper, more immersive listening experience by analysing ambient noise and generating anti-frequencies in real time. That’s the power of Sudio T2’s feedforward active noise cancelling technology. Noise is cancelled before it even reaches your ear. Block out ambient distractions wherever you are, whether commuting on transit, out for a walk, or at home.

All-day comfort

After 17 iterations, searching on two continents, and tested on over 400 ears, Sudio T2’s newly shaped ear tips offer the perfect balance of fit and comfort for any ear size from XS to L. Keep listening for a longer period without the dull ear ache that can come with typical earphones.

Beamforming Vocal Clarity

Each Sudio T2 earphone features a dual beamforming microphone array, one mic pointed outwards to capture the ambient surroundings, and one mic pointed towards your mouth to capture your voice. Sudio T2’s internal digital signal processing algorithm analyses the sound waves and reduces ambient noise. So your voice always comes in loud and clear.

Uncompromising sound quality

Most earphone drivers require alteration during assembly, subtly compromising their innate frequencies. Sudio T2’s was designed around its dynamic driver, fitting perfectly without compromise. That way we maintain crisp, clean, and robust sound quality. Steps like these ensure a better listening experience, getting you closer to immersing yourself in your chosen sound.

95% of 100
67 Reviews
Best audio earbuds yet!

Casey P.


These are amazing! Great soundproof, long-lasting charge, and I love that you can charge them for 2 hours in a quick 10 minute span!

Reviewed on: Sudio T2 White

9 3



super nice comfort and excellent sound

Reviewed on: Sudio T2 White

1 2



No joke, these headphones are sooo good! Been using them during hikes, at work and whille working out!

Reviewed on: Sudio T2 White

15 5
Great sound



Great sound and easy touch control. Also looks very stylish.

10 0
Sudio T2 Sand



I love both the design and the sound. I normally have trouble finding earplugs that stays in place while training - these does! My new favourite thing to wear.

10 1
1 2


Hey! I have a pair of Sudio T2 that work well except that they do not turn off when I put them in the case. Should it really be so?


Hi! The reason why earbuds remain paired when they're placed inside the case is that the charging connectors (the pins inside the case and the gold plates on the earbuds) are unable to connect. Once connected, the earbuds power off and start charging. We would recommend you to contact our Customer Service through here: https://support.sudio.com/hc/en-us/requests/new instead and they will be happy to help!

0 0


Is there a “transparency mode” of some sort, so that I can be aware of the surroundings? Or can you listen to audio with just one ear (is the device still functional when you have one of the pair removed)?


Hi there! T2 does have transparency mode that amplifies sounds in the background, enabling your spatial awareness. With this, you can stay alert to your surroundings without having to take out an earbud, or simply hear your own voice while on a phone call. Yes, you can use one T2 earbud on its own for both playback and calls. Both earbuds have the same components (speakers and microphones), which means that you can use either the left or right earbud at your leisure.

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I can't pair it to my phone every time I try my phone sayes it needs a app to use this product. I pull them out and wait tell I hear "ready to pair, find your sudio product in your Bluetooth list" it's in my list but when I click on it gives me a pass key then tells me I need a app to use it.


Hi there! The correct device that you should always pair with is Sudio T2 (not Sudio T2 BLE). If you select Sudio T2 BLE on an Android device, you may receive an error message stating "An app is needed to use this device". In these cases, we recommend that you disconnect/remove the connection, and restart the pairing process. If you want to start over completely fresh, you can restart your device and perform a factory reset on Sudio T2. See here for more information: https://support.sudio.com/hc/en-us/sections/4405701629202-T2

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Product information

  • General

    • Driver type
    • Buttons
      Touch panel
    • Type
      In-ear - True Wireless
    • Microphone
      2 per side, 4 in total
    • Weight
      46.2g Earphone: 5.3g
    • Water protection level
      Splash proof
    • Compatibility
      Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux
  • Battery

    • Play time
      Up to 35 hours in total
      Up to 7 hours 30 minutes on one charge
    • ANC + Music
      Up to 6 hours 30 minutes
    • Quick charge
      10 minutes for 2 hours play time
    • Time to full charge (min)
      Earphones: 60 min
      Charging case: 60 min
      Both together: 60 minutes
    • Min/max environment temperature
      -20 -60 °C
  • Sound

    • Driver size
      8 mm
    • Impedance
      16Ω @ 1kHz
    • Sensitivity
      92dB @ 1kHz
  • Connections

    • Wireless
    • Bluetooth version
    • Range
      10 m
    • Bluetooth codec
    • Charging type
    • USB contact type

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